with Scott Warner    

Consulting in:
Macintosh Digital Audio Workstations   |  Synthesizer Programming
MIDI Control   |  Sound Design

I have always built my own custom MIDI systems, integrating hardware and software synthesizers, sequencers, controllers, and computers into an efficient Digital Audio Workstation. From this experience I know I can help you expand the capabilities of all of your MIDI hardware and software, helping you get the most from the simplest musical gear to the most advanced setup.

Are you tired of the same old sounds your hardware and software synthesizers make? Do you wonder what all those buttons, menus and settings do on your instruments? Most modern synths contain a wealth of creative sound producing options you can tap into. I can explain it all to you in language you can understand. I can show you how to creatively make your own sounds, both from scratch and from the same old presets. Save these new sounds into banks on your instrument (or computer) for easy access. Call up these newly banked presets easily from any hardware or software controller: Switch, knob, footpedal, etc.

Perhaps you want to add multiple keyboards or software synthesizers to your existing live or studio setup. Split your main controller keyboard into two areas: bass in the left hand, something else on the right. Split your keyboard into six different areas, each controlling its own sound, some of which overlap the others. Make the buttons, sliders, switches on your keyboard control any or all of these sounds. Store this complex set-up as a preset, and call it up easily- in live performance or in the studio.

I am intimately familiar with Kurzweil, Roland, and Yamaha keyboards, as well as a tremendous variety of software instruments. I can explain the technical complexities to you in language you can understand.

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