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Do you hear music in your head? Do you wish you could write it down, or improve your ability to do so?
I can show you a clear path towards improving your musical grammar and vocabulary. Be able to read and write your music with more depth, clarity and precision, and speak more intelligently about it as well.

Why does one chord "naturally" sound good after another? What makes a melody "catchy"? How do I write down the complex rhythms I am hearing so that others can play them?

Learn the "Universal Logic" behind creating effective harmony, melody, rhythm, shape and texture. Let this Logic inform, inspire and extend your own musical intuition. Learn the art of beautiful music notation, by hand or computer- making your music much more accessible to other people.

Learn about yourself and how you sound. Email or call (330) 687-6789 for a free consultation, and visit the "Acoustic" and "Electric" galleries above to hear some examples of my work.