scott warner, composer

This page is for acoustic music composition.   For electronic music please click ELECTRIC

My music has been performed throughout the United States and Canada and I have received commissions, grants and awards from many notable sources. I would relish the opportunity to create something special for you and/or your organization.   Feel free to email me anytime.

for Lessons and Coaching in the East Bay Area (Berkeley/Oakland) in:

-Music Composition, Songwriting and Music Theory/Notation (all levels)
-Synthesizer programming, MIDI, sound design, electronic music----click INFO/LINKS

chamber music please use headphones if possible

"On Garvin Brook" for flute, violin and piano
Brooks DeWetter-Smith flute, Richard Luby violin, Scott Warner, piano
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

i. "Summer"

ii. "Fall"

iii. "Winter"

iv. "Spring!"

-from "Concerto for Clarinet, Harp and Five Percussionists"
William Wellwood clarinet, Mary Jane Girsch, Harp
University of Iowa Percussion Ensemble

ii. "We Are the Stars"

-from "Brass Quintet"
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Faculty Brass

ii. "Longing"


vocal music

-from "Songs of Walt Whitman" for mixed choir a cappella
Susan Klebanow, UNC-Chapel Hill Chamber Singers. See the text here.

iii. "Come Up From the Fields, Father"

"Songs of Edgar Allan Poe" for mixed choir and piano
Rick Kvam, Rochester Choral Arts Ensemble. See the texts here.

i. "Evening Star"

ii. "The Bells"

solo instruments

"Pierce the Night" for alto saxophone and piano
Cliff Leaman saxophone, Scott Warner piano. The University of Illinois

i. "flame-like; flickering"

ii. "lyrical, yet pale and passive"

-from "Dreams in Color" for solo harp
Kerstin Allvin, Harp. Northwestern University

ii. "(..secrets..)"