Really Big Things

Rare footage of the Antonov 225 Mriya (AKA the World’s Largest Aircraft) taking off. It’s going over 200 mph yet seems to be moving infinitely slow. Large objects appear to move much slower than they actually are. Apparently this is why many people get killed racing a train to the crossing.


The largest overland move ever attempted. This truck takes two full lanes and 4 drivers. Fascinating video on the process.

Love the production work on this video- lots of nice touches, like the masked and motion-tracked titles, 3-D map effects, etc…..

Nobody follows James Brown

1964 live broadcast of the Teenage Music Awards from Santa Monica CA.

The Rolling Stones are on their first American Tour and are playing black music, the blues, for white audiences across the land. They have been picked to follow James Brown and end this broadcast.

James was pissed. He went out and gave the 18-minute performance above. Its the first time we see his famous “cape” routine..

Mick and the Stones were visibly shaken backstage. Marvin Gaye told them “just go out and do your best…..”