notes to myself
work always in progress
a space for me to think aloud about what I want to accomplish in the near and far term.


LONGTERM (1 year)

youtube presence. For teaching and performance.
-Create a series of Jazz Piano tutorial videos for youtube. A series of 10. Nicely produced. foster communication. answer email.
Organize/Capture/Disseminate knowledge. Skype for private lessons

-Record “Goldberg Variations” youtube.
Research and background on the piece as a part of the youtube presentation…
practice. read music daily

New Music:
-Create an album’s worth of original electronic music tracks.
Draw from diverse musical/sound palette. chop mix mangle. slice and dice.
improve your skills – MIDI/audio editing

If you could create with any sound in the physical Universe-if you could put *any* sound you could hear into your sampler…..what would you choose?

-live performance improv electronic music rig. Finger drumming, sample triggering. Insane keyboard playing.
adding as much control over electronics improv as possible. maximize programming of physical controllers . . .
Create sets of original material.

Learn iBooks Author. Be able to create a beautiful presentation in ebook form of art, text and music. exploit the interactivity to the fullest…

One or two or three of these ideas will make themselves known to me as projects and I will follow them til the end. Reassess in one year. Make sure there are clear goals, productive work and a clear finish to every project.

listen to Henry:

and to Earnest. . . (1. “To get started, write one true sentence.”)